Heritage Of 50 Years

Only those who don't have the vision can appreciate the blessing of vision

Nike Vision

One of the number one sport brands admired by athletes is,Nike.Nike Vision has evolved with innovations in many areas,particularly golf and baseball.They belive that athletes see different to the rest of us and deserve the latest eyewear designed with latest technology


Carrera are designed for those living a dynamic life but don't want to miss out on the latest fashion trends. Sport and technical innovation is key to the brand. All Carrera are tested by athletes who use them in training and during sports competitions. The brand was founded in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger.

Mont Blanc

MontBlanc Glasses Frames continue a tradition of master craftsmanship that dates back nearly a century. MontBlanc has long stood for high design, fine materials, and attention to fine detail. All these traits and more are readily apparent in our collection of MontBlanc Eyeglass Frames.


When unique lens technology meets expertise in eyewear design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. By synthesizing function, fashion and design, Polaroid eyewear products don't just set trends. Unique technology creates the basis for glare-free, perfect vision, optimum UV protection and outstanding quality at an extremely attractive


Designed for the self assured fashion-savvy customer, Vogue stands out from the crowd. With a variety of head turning colors and stylish shapes the Vogue collection is the'Ultimate accessory.

Porsche Design

Porsche Design eyewear stand foetechnical luxury' — a harmonious combination of design and luxury. Unoanventional, timeless and purist designs win over through their highly innovative standard. Technical innovations and the best handwork meet the latest technolo..

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger are the perfect embodiment of Tommy Style. The Tommy Hilfiger collections feature easy-to-wear shapes in a combination of classic colors to suit each individual person.


Since its inception in the eighties Police has separated itself from the rest. Popular with the young, independent trendsetter with a rebellious flair, Police are the epitome of cool. The brand is mainly known for theirfamous blue lenses which give a vintage feel.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Collection are beautifully sculpted and designed in a way that screams sexy and confident. From the acclaimed American fashion house comes this modern twist of glamour. Capturing the easy, classic style you know and love from Calvin Klein, the brand has been creating timeless looks since 1968

Dolce & Gabbana

Sharpen up your style as well as your eyesight with Dolce & Gabbana. The eyewear keeps true to the spirit, by being straight to the point, bold with special attention to detailing. The Dolce & Gabbana feature include branding on the temples, cross hatch detailing and stylish shapes, to give you an urban feel with a contemporary edge.

Ray Ban

Founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, the first Ray Ban sunglasses were created for the U.S. Army Air Corp. The Army was looking for a sunglass to protect aviators from the damaging rays of the sun, but also a sunglass that would look elegant on the dashing airman of the day


The epitome of Italian luxury and class comes in the form of Gucci eyewear. Founded in Florence in .21, Gucci has been a leader in high-end luxury for almost a century. Now designed by creative director Frida Giannini in Rome, Gucci add glamour to any outfit, for any occasion.


Adidas eyewear is built for athlete's eyes around four key concepts, vision, protection, fit and durability. Adidas Originals offer an unobstructed view of clear objectives. With this in mind, the Adidas Originals also takes inspiration from street culture and retro styles.


Silhouette makes seeing an experience without bounds es. The feelin of relaxed freedom, independence and easiness for all your senses are Silhouette's inspiration for innovation and revolution. Each and every thy is dedicated to the new, the consistent intention to create the very best for spectacle wearers.


Flair has been creating eye ear designs of highest aesthetics and perfection in Germany for over 65 years. They have not been readily available in the UK or a number of years but Flair is present in 53 countries and are highly valued by customers all over the world.


Puma® drives the high emotion of sport into every product it creates. Joy, confidence and determination inspire a fit and functional design, while on-trend fashion and colour directions decorate the look. The new PUMA Eyewear collection inspires the wearerto be stronger, better and faster.

Emporio Armani

Launched in 1981, Emporio Armani are widely recognizable with its iconic eagle logo on each frame, thus instantly adding association with luxury and status. With a cult celebrity following behind them, we can see why they have become so popular.

Maui Jim

MAUI JIM Now the fastest growing premium polarized sunglass maker in the world, Maui Jim JUt its start in 1980 as a srnall company selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Seeing a need in the market for technology t at cou d com a intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colors of the island to life, our fledgling company engineered the revolutionary Polarized Plu, lens.

Prada Sport

Prada are sophisticated craftsmanship, extremely modern vision of high fashion, technological design and research for creative details. Prada segmentation is fashionable and timeless.


The brand named after its founder' Hugo Boss, started out in a small workshop in Germany in 1923. Hugo Boss reflect the brand's modern and avant-garde design. Certain styles focus on next generation materials such as titanium, which is ultra-lightweight, and precious. Hugo Boss are designed for young and confident people.

Tag Heuer

A powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, ergonomic engineering designed for ultimate performance when you need it most. The Tag are made using the most up to date technology making them ultra lightweight which is ideal for sporting activities.


Started in 1989 as the result of Donna Karan's quest for the perfect jeans, as well as her desire to dress her daughter Gabby, DKNY is fast fashion with an urban mind-set, the New York City street-smart look. DKNY Eyewear, as well as the clothing, addresses modern, urban, fashion-conscious women and men with multifaceted lifestyles; international, eclectic, fun and real.


Catering to a youthful, fresh fashion forward customer Guess are sought after by both men and women with a keen eye for style. The collection is sexy yet this and compliments the glamorous lifestyle of Guess. Guessflatter most face shapes.


Oakley was started by Jirn Jannard in 1975, the name comes from Jannard's dog. Today Oakley eyewear is well recognized by many celebrities and athletes. The eyewear has been used in major sporting events like the Olympics and Tour De France.